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What does it take to be an indie artist?

Live performanceS versus Digital Age

You write a song, you practiced it so when you perform in open mic or songwriters's night.

Now you are ready to perform, and you notice only few is paying attention, others are busy with their drinks, selfies and photo ops with popular musicians. Because you are new to music scene, nobody is taking you seriously.


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We provide online and offline support for unsigned artists who's talent is not being noticed by most mainstream media.

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We started when nobody is providing support for Filipino Independent Artists


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We are a non-profit organization helping out to create your own music production

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Filipino Indie Artists (FIA) is the newest and most promising group in Philippine Indie scene, We are group of young, talented and dynamic artists from different parts of archipelago. Our main objective is to support and promote independent songwriters, arrangers and lyricists by funding these talented Filipinos who is deprived from exposing their talents in a global scale. We provide assistance in digital music distribution by giving technical advise and help them to expand their audiences without worrying if their song will be played in mainstream radio programs or if they are is eligible to join government sponsored association/group such as FILSCAP.

FIA is a non-profit organization, we don't solicit money from artists, we in fact provide financial assistance for those who cannot afford music production in which ever way we can. We get our funds from advertisements , concerts and events we organize.

We support all types of genres, but we discourage violent lyrics, or hate and political songs. We are for peace and prosperity among all Filipino talents.